A Treat for Your Gut - The Story behind Kaya Biotics Probiotics
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Strengthen Your Gut

Your gut is responsible for your digestive function as well as for much of your immune system. Learn more how your gut flora can be negatively impacted by your habits and environment – and find out how probiotics can help based on scientific studies.

Fight Candida

Candida and yeast infections can overtake your gut and negatively impact many aspects of your health – ranging from digestive problems to “foggy brain”. Learn more what probiotic bacteria strains can help you to fight candida off.

Fight Dandruff

Nobody likes them, everyone affected tries (a lot) to get rid of them. However, shampoos and other cosmetics are oftentimes not the answer – as the root cause for dandruff can be an imbalanced gut. Find out what probiotics can do to help.

Weight Loss

Struggling with weight loss? A healthy diet and lots of sports sometimes are not enough! The ratio of bacteroides and firmicutes bacteria in your gut flora play an important role, too. Learn more how to influence this ratio in your favor.

Fight IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is oftentimes overlooked but severely impacts the well-being of those affected. Find out how to diagnose IBS and what scientific studies exist that tested various probiotic strains to alleviate IBS’ symptoms.

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